Thursday, June 05, 2014

adam's canyon

We had an amazing Memorial day weekend up in Layton with family & friends! We drove up Friday after school and Saturday morning woke up to the perfect hiking conditions ever. We loaded the kids up and went for a hike up Adam's canyon. Danny grew up doing this hike but I've never done it before & it was gorgeous! Such a beautiful world we live in.

Max was full of energy & kept running up ahead of us. Oh to be young again...

I just love this bald headed, smiley baby!!

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  1. YOUR PANTS! I want them. You must tell me where I can get a pair! Seriously, you're such a hot mama. Hiking...that is something we don't do here in Florida. Ryan always brings up going on a family hike, and I'm like...where babe? there are NO mountains, no hills, and it is SO HOT all the time...So--we go to the beach instead. haha. Still fun, but I miss hiking and going for adventure walks in nature.