Sunday, August 24, 2014

graham collins turns four months!

Graham is the sweetest little boy! My goodness we love him. It's crazy to think about life before Graham. We are all totally smitten. He's almost six months now, but here are his stats from his 4 month check up. Not the biggest baby on the planet, but we think he's pretty perfect!

weight: 13.91 lbs (16.4%)
length: 25.15 (45.55%)
head: 16.63 (66.18%)

On Wednesday I took him into the clinic here in town because his eye was wayyy goopy & everytime he woke up his eye would be glued shut. (It was the saddest thing! He'd be smiling so big with only one eye open!) We got eye drops & he's doing MUCH better. Here are his current stats (taken on August 22nd):

weight: 15.4 lbs
length: 25.75 inches

We love you Grahamers!

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