Sunday, August 24, 2014

payson lakes

After our hike to the grotto, we finished out our adventure by picnicking and swimming at payson lakes. I always forget how beautiful it is up there!! The weather was gorgeous & the kids were really well behaved so it turned out to be a pretty perfect day.

// We LOVE their puddle jumpers & they do too! They swam wayy out in the lake & didn't get scared at all (good thing they couldn't see all the fish swimming beneath them!) //

// Max could live off of pickles! //

// We packed a really healthy lunch as you can see ;) //

// These chipmunks were everywhere and they were not afraid of us at ALL. Annoying little rodents. Seriously! Danny kept trying to throw rocks inches from where they were standing and they wouldn't move a muscle. I was worried they were going to run right up onto the picnic table and join us!! //

// Isn't the view amazing?!? //

// After our picnic we walked around the entire lake and halfway around the kids wanted Danny to throw them into the lake. They were being so brave!! We couldn't believe that they actually did it but it sure was awesome! //

// Sweet baby Graham! //

What a wonderful world we live in!!

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