Sunday, August 24, 2014

the grotto

I'd heard about "the grotto" by payson lakes multiple times, but we'd never made any effort to actually find it. Back in the middle of July, however, we decided to be adventurous & I'm so glad we were!! This hike is SUPER easy & short & besides Avery throwing a tantrum over a stick that she kept flailing around & hitting people was awesome. If you live in Utah or Juab county, go on this hike!

// I was trying to be artsy...didn't work out quite as I envisioned (the dirty windows probably had something to do with that!) //

// Tribal Graham //

// More tribal kids :) //

// Remember that tantrum I told you about? This is what happens when you throw one of Avery's prized sticks far away! //

// God's creations are so beautiful! //

// Danny saved a butterfly's life. It was drowning in the icy cold water but Danny caught it on his finger & then the butterfly didn't want to fly away! //

// Max was SURE that there was some kind of animal in the bushes. (I'm pretty sure he mentioned bears, beavers, and lions.) He found this pointed stick and kept running ahead to protect us from danger. That boy sure is cute when he wants to be :) //

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