Friday, March 06, 2015

end of season celebration!

I may have already mentioned this before, but Max's soccer coach in Nephi (Lacey Sperry) was amazing! She was so thoughtful (like buying water bottles for each of her players with her own money!) and she took dozens of pictures throughout the season. Max knew that she cared about him (which is exactly what you want from a coach when they're four!) and it was perfect. At the end of the season, she threw a farewell party for the team & really went above and beyond. She ordered trophies for each child with their names engraved on them (Max is going to love that thing until the day he dies! Ha!) and showed a slide show of the pictures she had taken. She brought cupcakes & gave them each a goodie bag with all things soccer inside. She really was amazing! Max was basically on cloud nine & it was the perfect way to end the season.

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