Friday, March 06, 2015

the darndest things // part six

I just found this draft that never got published so some of these pictures are pre-Graham (can hardly remember life before Graham!) but better late than never! :)


 When talking about the garden we're going to plant in our new house, he said, "We can't forget to plant humpty-dews!"

After killing two flies with the fly swatter, he looked up at me and said, "Why am i so good at this??"

Me: "Max, you're turning into a little Picasso!"
Max: "What? I need to go to Costco?"


"My hair is so cute and watery!"

The kids got into my yarn & strung it up alllll over the place. Once they were finished, Avery excitedly said, "Our house is so yarney!" 

I got some soap at Bath & Body around Christmas time that was a light green color & one day it was missing from the bathroom. Avery turned to me and asked, "Where is the guacamole soap?"

Avery still calls the piano the "Pipanio"

Me: "Avery, please throw away your go-gurt wrapper." (Those wrappers are going to be the death of me!!)
Ave: "I can't. I'm Queen Coralee and I can't walk."
Max was smiling so I asked him what she was talking about and apparently there is a Jake episode about Queen Coralee the mermaid who can't walk on land. Ha! 
That girl...

Graham Collins:


The three kiddos:

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