Friday, March 06, 2015

max turns FIVE!!!

Max is my planner. He is super project-driven & loves to think about every little detail (he is my clone & it is adorable and scary all at the same time!!) Anyways, birthday parties are his thing & he helped me plan and execute his TMNT party amazingly well.

We started out with invites and he would not go to sleep until they were allll complete. Ave got tuckered out in the process, so he hand-delivered hers :) How adorable is that?! 

We stuck to his Primary class friends & it ended up being a huge success. The kids had a blast, Danny was an excellent ninja trainer, and Max was one HAPPY birthday boy. Still can't believe that I have a FIVE year old; time sure flies!!!

Happy birthday Maxwell! We are so happy that you're in our family & we certainly can't imagine life without you! XO

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