Saturday, September 27, 2008

the BEST day of my life.

i've been promising wedding pictures for over a month...and i'm just NOW getting them up! i don't think i can explain how incredibly awesome/wonderful/perfect/dream-come-true my wedding day was eveything i hoped it would be. cami had my camera as we came out of the temple, so some of the pictures are really random, but she did a great job! we're still waiting for the actual wedding pictures from hayley anderson but don't worry--as soon as i get them i'll put them up for all to see! until then, here's a few more to enjoy!

right before we left for manti!

the BEAUTIFUL manti temple

cute little mariah

the happy MARRIED couple

jill and i

mr. and mrs. mckinley

alli and danny

what a WONDERFUL, magnificent day.

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  1. i love that purple/wine color dress. Gorgeous! Wish I was there. Looking at these pictures made me want to get married again! hahaha