Monday, October 12, 2009

catchin {up}

i've been meaning to up-date this blog of ours for awhile...but a certain someone has been occupying much of our time. he's been nappin' away though so i got a few long over-due posts...scroll down and check em out.


  1. Oh, so fun to read all your posts! I am SO wanting to come visit...I got Bronchitis, so we'll wait till I'm better so I don't get you or Max sick. But, you look great, and he's super cute!

  2. I read all your new posts. You are wonderful, and Max is gorgeous! I want to come see you and love on him, but we've had SWINE FLU at our house. Ain't no WAY I'm bringing that to you guys!! I'll just have to wait...

    But blog hugs and kisses to you all!!


  3. So i haven't been in the blogging world for a while so sorry this is so late but congrats on your little guy!!! What a handsome little boy, so happy for you two:)