Thursday, November 05, 2009

give me something {good} to eat

isn't he adorable??? halloween is the best with a baby! {thanks for the cute onesie kate!} halloween this year was yet another success. it kind of snuck up on us, having a new baby and all, but we were able to dress up {thanks to kim and clay!} and had a fantastic night.

danny had to work halloween night {bummer, huh?} but we had bri and cami come over around five thirty and we took them trick or treating on osmond lane. i dressed up as an indian, danny and bri were byu soccer players {original i know} cami was sharpae from high school musical, and little max was a cute baby in a mummy shirt. some people didn't want to give danny and i candy because apparently we are "too old" to go trick or treating...but as soon as they saw max they dumped the candy right into our bags. it was awesome.

danny drew awesome tribal paintings on my face with eyeliner and lipstick. he is quite the artist, huh??

after dropping danny off at work, the rest of us headed to my parents for our annual delicious halloween soup. it tasted especially good this year.

we can't believe another halloween has already come and gone! but boy are we excited for the upcoming holidays.


  1. Wait. Brian isn't really that much taller than Alli, is he? I just love you and everyone in your adorable family.

    p.s. I almost got annoyed at a couple trick-or-treating with a tiny baby, but then quickly realized that I'll do it {and will love it} so I should judge. ;) I totally approve.

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad my onesie made it to the blog ;) He looks so cute and I just get more and more excited for our little guy everytime I see all the fun you guys are having! I can't believe he rolled over, that is so dang cute! Oh and Bijou Market Saturday.... depending on if Pete ends up going to Moab I may be able to join you. I'll let ya know, but it looks really fun!

  3. I love that onesie from babyGap! So cute!

    I am so shocked that Max loves those passies. Brinley could not figure it out. She just bobbled it in her mouth for awhile. We are working with the baby nuks. She is nursing like a champ so we decided to give me a break in between...she could take a passie.

    Max is the cuuuuutest boy ever. I love his big eyes! He just lights up those pictures!