Thursday, November 19, 2009

{proud} mama

i know, i know. max has literally taken over this blog.
but this post deserves to be dedicated solely to him.

on sunday, november 15, 2009 daniel scott blessed maxwell scott and gave him a name and a blessing. we decided to make it a little more personal and bless him at my parent's home. we had many of our family and friends come to be a part of this special experience.

danny gave max a beautiful blessing. and the spirit was so strong. i am so grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood and a sweet baby boy who reminds me every day how lucky i am to be his mommy.

thanks to all those who made this such a lovely experience.

isn't life great???

dad + son.

the men.

very happy, proud parents.

max doesn't quite know how to smile for pictures yet...

aunt alli + max.

his blessing outfit.

our cute little family.


yummy cupcakes. {thanks for the recipe kim!}

we love him!


  1. What a special time for you and Danny and Max and your families. These are GREAT pictures...Max pulls the funniest faces!


  2. Dear Jessie & Danny,
    your baby boy/my nephew is ADORABLE!! and getting so big so fast. I'm going to try and come up if everything works out with my car for two or three days next weekend (friday-Sunday), I would sure love to hold him and squeeze his little guts out : )
    also see your beautiful face jess that I miss sooooo much!!
    Love auntie brittany

  3. I was blessed in my grandparents home too!! I just love the little faces Max gives,...he is just so darn cute.

    For reals...our blogs were taken over!!! but lets be honest...our babies are much more fun to blog about than ourselves!!

  4. SOOOO cute! your little family is just the cutest.

  5. I love baby blessings! I always tear up. Babies are so precious, and your little Max is so sweet. You look great!

  6. You and Danny are such good examples of loving parents and we're so happy we live in the same house!! Can't wait to add our baby girl to the mix. I'm sure I'll be asking you for lots of advice :) Thank you so much for letting us be part of Max's blessing ... that was cool. He is a lucky little boy to have such amazing parents!

  7. How exciting. That is so neat! I can't wait until we can do that. Cute cupcakes, way to go on that! -(and you call ME wonder woman...seriously?) You guys have such a cute little family and look SO happy.

  8. Thanks for letting us be apart of this! It was beautiful, and wonderful to see your adorable family!

  9. max looks so darling in his blessing outfit. what a special day.

  10. I feel pretty lucky you blessed him on my birthday and Jon and Kris' anniversary! What an amazing experience. I bawled through both my kids blessings.