Friday, December 04, 2009

pizza pie {cafe}

because we all met up in rexburg, idaho while attending byu-i we thought it would be fitting to eat at the brand new pizza pie cafe here in provo {from the makers of craigo's in rexburg}.

linds, jordan, kierstin, kent, danny, max, and i all had a great time! i'm so glad that:

1. we finally got to meet kierstin's fiance! {yes, it's true, somebody finally tamed the wild stallion!}

2. linds and max were able to bond so well through music and dancing {i really wish i would have taken a video of linds singing "party in the usa" while dancing with max!}

3. we got to eat as much pizza, salad, and dessert pizza as we wanted! we went straight there on our way home from idaho so we were huuuuungry.

4. we all got to hang out together. it's always a party with those girls.


  1. I KNOW THOSE GIRLS. AHHH how fun!! I miss cragio's sooo much :( I must know.. Did they have a buffalo wing thing pizza? I crave that like no other and I can never make it right. So glad you three got to see each other. I wish my I could spend he evening with my old roomies!! Rock on Kensington girls!! lol.

  2. How did you like Pizza Pie Cafe? We loved it!