Thursday, December 02, 2010

home sweet home

i realize that i haven't put any pictures up yet of our sweet little abode.
{however, i have semi-good reasons!}

we finally got max's room put together though, and i am pretty pleased with how it turned out. his room is by far my favorite room in the entire house...not sure how he lucked out but he did.

i also finished the banner that i gave you all a sneak peek of a few weeks ago...and i love it!
wonder under, a little fabric, and thread came together quite nicely :)

so, come on in:

maybe one of these days i'll put pictures up of the rest of the house...

p.s. we find out on MONDAY what we are having!!
{four days from today!}


  1. YAYYyayayayay!!!!! i vote boy :-) Just because max is SO cute and I just know he'd be such a great big bro :-)

    Cutest room! I need to do more for Brinley's room. Lucky you have a chair in there...that is on our list (amongst many other things). We read books on a pull out chair :-) keeps us humble!

    xoxo keep posting of the house!

  2. Cute!! I Love it!! I love the "I am a child of God" banner.

  3. Jess, Wow! It has turned out so cute with definitely your touch! I love the way you used the little red mirrors; and the bird pictures look so cute stacked. Max is a lucky guy! And very nice job on the banner. Can't wait 'til we can come down and see it in real life!!

  4. LOVE the banner. That is SO cute. You clever, clever girl. I love you so!!