Wednesday, January 12, 2011


miracles still happen.
we are living proof of that over at our house.

max, our fifteen-month-old little boy, has FINALLY decided that he can sleep through the night!! it is miraculous.

over new years, we decided to finally implement the cry it out technique, since it was taking us 30+ minutes every single night to get max to go to sleep. we would read, sing, pray, and then rock...and rock...and rock...until his little eyelids finally started to droop. then we would carefully carry him to his crib and hope and pray that no little noises would wake him up.

yeah. it was bad. i don't know how we got sucked into that but after a few months it was really starting to wear me down. especially when it was taking 30+ minutes to put him down for a nap...and he would wake up twenty minutes later. top it off with me being pregnant and it made for a very cranky jessie.

so, after a few nights of letting him cry for five minutes, and then going in and telling him that it was ok, and letting him cry a little bit more, he would eventually fall asleep. now we read, sing, pray, say good-night, and he's in his crib blowing kisses to us. i am one amazed mama.
he cries for maybe three-five minutes and sometimes not even that.

i wish we could have learned this sooner!! however, i'm so extremely grateful that he is sleeping so well now. his nap times have increased tremendously and he is sleeping 12-13 hours a night. it really is a miracle. i guess this is heavenly father's way of saying, "enjoy it while you can, because another little one is on the way...very soon!"

p.s. this video is SUPER dark...but max's laugh is too cute, i couldn't help it.


  1. I feel like a total creeper. I comment on your last post, click back on your blog and BAM! another post. I'm so glad he's sleeping through the night. Again, you give me hope that if Max can do it, my girls can do it too!

    Also, I can't get over his giggle! I just love your little family.

  2. WHATTTTTT this happened Now??? JESSIE!!! You must be dyyyyying. Sleep training is KEY! ahhh I would not function if Brinley wasn't sleeping at night. It IS nice to have a "trial" baby so that the next ones we fix what we didn't do right!!! hahahha sad, but SO true!! My older brother was starved as a baby because the doctors said to only feed them every 4 hours, even if they were crying and hungry....YIKES!!!

  3. I am so glad you finally went with the CIO method, but I am so sorry it didn't happen until now- for your sake!!! I am amazed you lasted this long, but that is so awesome that he picked up on it SO fast. the first is definitely a learning experience! And that video is the cutest thing EVER. I LOVE HIS LAUGH!!!!

  4. oh my heavens i can't believe hes just now sleeping jessie you poor girl!! asher started crying it out at 6 months haha!! anyways im glad things are looking up!!