Thursday, January 20, 2011


you guys, i leave for oklahoma TOMORROW morning!!!

i'm driving down with my sis-in-law bekah, and her three little girlies tomorrow at seven a.m.
{we'll arrive at their place sometime saturday night.}
i haven't done a road trip like this in quite some time so wish us luck!

it's just starting to sink in that i won't be seeing this guy:

{picture taken back in 2008 at cascade golf course}
or this little munchkin:

{yes, he really is putting the syrup bottle into my dad's boots...}
for an entire week!

i'll survive right??
i just keep telling myself that when we are back together again, we'll appreciate each other so much more! :)
{as long as max still remembers who his mama is...}

no, really though. i'm super pumped that this trip has worked out! i have been wanting to go down and visit my brother and his fam + we just so happened to have sky miles that were going to expire soon, so i'll fly home next friday. it'll be a great experience for all of us.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!

    My sister lives in Norman which is like 20 min south of Oklahoma City. She's going to the U of Oklahoma.

    Road trips are FUN! Sad you'll be without your Maxie and danny...I don't think I've ever left out of town without B! ...ummm maybe I should so my heart will grow fonder??? LOL jk

  2. fun that you are taking this trip! it is so good to get away and take a break from the much-loved hubs and baby. i'm excited for you! have so much fun and i'll see you when you get back. we need to get our craft on.

    p.s. can you please move back? i miss when we were roomies!

  3. LUCKEE! And...I am a little jealous. Sounds like soooo much fun. Hey, I think any trip is an adventure! Hope the boys survive without you :)

  4. Have a very fun trip! I am sure your sweet boy will still know who you are when you get back.

  5. You'll have so much fun!! And Max will be glad to see you when you get home (so will Danny!!), but it's good to be apart for a little while sometimes. Be safe!!

  6. We live in Tulsa! Where does your brother live??

  7. YOU amaze me! an entire week! go you! i bet it is nice to have a break- but i'm sure you are dying at the same time. I'm glad you are having fun and getting a lot done.