Tuesday, January 25, 2011

update from okie

it is very weird being without the two main boys in my life. but it has been a fantastic trip so far:

bekah and i have gotten many projects done that have been looming over her head, and we have had a great time in the process. i have been getting as much done as possible on my LAST independent study class. i have spent my days with three adorable little girlies. oh, and on top of all that, i have been {almost entirely} vegan! how's that for branching out?? i've gotten some awesome vegan recipes and i've already warned danny that he may have to get used to the idea of having a vegan wife :) but seriously, i've tried some yummy things and have a greater resolve to eat healthier...because i have definitely been slacking in that department.

{phew! that is one loooong title, but so appropriate}
and it was absolutely, positively, one of my all-time favorite books. ever.

the writing style. the way i fell in love with each and every character. the fact that it talks about WWII. the letters.
{i want to write letters again, the old fashioned way! who wants to be my pen pal?? :)}

have any of you read this book?? because if you have, i need to know what you think!

p.s. speaking of my independent study class, i need a little help. i have four short questions to ask on the topic of divorce. if you would be willing to fill out a little survey for yours truly, i would be so appreciative! i just need FOUR people to help me out...let me know in a comment if you are interested and i'll send the info your way. thanks in advance :)


  1. Count me in for everything!
    -pen pal
    -aaaaand I need a new book to read. So I'm adding this to my list!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. I absolutely loved the book too! Glad you were able to enjoy it as well :) Hope you the boys are doing alright without ya. Can't wait to see your lil family this summer!

  3. I ordered that book a week ago so will read it soon! But, the other book I ordered got here already, so I'll be reading that first. (If you need another book now that you've finished that one, the one I'm reading now is "The Book Thief," and so far it's great!)

    Anyways, I'll do your survey thing if you still need me to!

  4. no no no no! how many times do i have to say no? vegan jessie=bad. carnivore jessie=good. i miss you. yes its almost 1 here. yes i took a break from my secret project. yes the house is a mess. no i havent done dishes. yes im eating cereal out of a tupper. yes the thermostat is set at 60. i love you

  5. I love your post, but I'm laughing at Danny's comment!! Awesome!

    I'll do your survey if you still need someone. :-)

  6. I'm glad you're having fun. I'm also glad to hear you liked that book - a friend gave it to me last year and I haven't read it (I actually kind of forgot about it), so now I'll have to start reading. Have a fun trip home. And I can fill out the survey if you haven't found 4 yet.

  7. I can ask my hubby if he wants to answer your questions about the big "D" :). Send me the questions and i'll email you the answers! mayleesholar@gmail.com

  8. LOVE that book! it was so unexpectedly good! i just read Unwind, a great replacement for hunger games. happy reading

  9. Hi Jessie,

    You don't know me, and I only know you through your blog and Brittney. Anyways, I live in Canada and think it would be way fun to have a pen pal, you know someone who you have never really met, who you get to know via letters. Anyways, I am expecting a little one as well and my dad all for my growing up years taught seminary for CES (still does). Anyways, consider it... even though it may be weird.

  10. Sorry I am just reading this! I am way behind in the blogosphere. But I loved the GL&PPS. I got it on book on CD at Cracker Barrel (they rent them for cheap) and listened to it on a work trip driving to Atlanta. I loved it on CD hearing all the different voices.