Saturday, April 30, 2011

the best of friends

while we were in the hospital, danny's mom came down to stay with max.

{thanks again, mom!!}

he wasn't sure what to think of everything and had quite a hard time with all of the changes. he hardly ate anything while we were gone, was extra hyper, and didn't sleep as well. when he came to visit at the hospital, he really wanted nothing to do with avery and was much more interested in running up and down the halls of the hospital and getting teddy graham's + juice from the nurses.


since all FOUR of us came home and got back into the semi-normal routine of things, max's attitude towards avery has changed completely.

he LOVES that little girl.

every morning, the first thing he wants to do is run into our room to see avery. he points at her, gets a huge grin on his face, and asks to give her kisses. he then proceeds to give her at least five kisses {if not more!} and he has learned to be so gentle and sweet with her. it really is the cutest thing. ever.

when avery is sleeping in her bassinet and she makes little noises, max hears her without fail and runs into the room to check on her. if her binky is near, he will try and put it {or force it} into her mouth, and if she is crying, he gets a very concerned look on his face and says "oh no!"

i'm sure things won't always be rosy with these two little kiddo's {fighting is bound to happen...} but i really think that they've got a special bond going on.

and i love it.


  1. Umm... this post made me cry. Not even kidding. That's the cuuuuutest thing ever. Seriously. Tears are a flowin'.

  2. I love this! Avery makes Max look like such a big kid. It also gives me hope. I'm not quite sure what David is going to think of our new addition. Hopefully he'll love her as much as Max loves Avery.

  3. that is so precious! your baby is so cute :)

  4. I love it that little Max is only wearing one shoe! I also love the look on his face...he's going to be such a GREAT big brother!!