Thursday, April 28, 2011

you are LOVED

we have had so much wonderful support from our family + friends + neighbors since avery's arrival. i can't believe how many people from our ward brought us dinner and just about all of our neighbors on our street have come over to sneak a peek. both of our families have been so supportive as well, and avery has been able to meet {almost} all of her aunts + uncles.

avery, i hope you never forget how much you are LOVED.

in the hospital:
meeting "auntie" jenny
uncle bri
grandma debbie

at home:
uncle tim + aunt kristina
meeting grandpa frank for the first time
uncle aaron
catching some zzz's with grandpa jim
uncle aaron + aunt missy
our most recent family photo, thanks to caleb + lauren
{shown below}
our nightly routine consists of max holding avery + giving her lots and lots of kisses
our little kiddo's with grandpa frank


  1. Love all of your updates! You have such an adorable family...I can't wait to meet Avery sometime. You're such a great little mommy!

  2. all the blog has made my Wednesday night AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. That picture of your cute family, Ryan and I realized that you and danny have the SAME face shape. Seriously. It was funny to see the similarities! Not saying you guys look like your brother and sister, but it's good news for your kids because they'll all look relatively alike!!! You guys have such beautiful facial features!!!!!

    I need to meet that Avery-girl. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I NEED to come down. This week has been a little hectic and I've been meaning to call you. Next week (possibly Wednesday?)I can come down. Why am I blog commenting this???.

    Anyway, that family picture is amazing. I LOVE how Avery is looking up at Max. What a cute baby sister he has! Seriously, they are adorable.