Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my little buckaroo

max has been a joy lately. he is so energetic, happy, and excited about life. i am so glad that he is in our family! i can't believe that he will be TWO next month. that is just crazy. danny and i were talking about his birthday party and thinking of what "theme" we could have. after a little bit of talk, we realized that max's dream party would include:

.otter pops
.nuts {especially almonds + cashews}
.balls {all varieties}

not very standard, but very, very max.

some of my favorite things he does as of late include:

+ calling avery "E"

+ trying to put his foot into the book we are reading! it is my absolute favorite. today we were reading, we're going on a bear hunt and he definitely wanted to be a part of that hunt. he lifts up his foot, sticks it on the page, and looks at me pleadingly with those big brown eyes. how can i resist?? i tell him we just have to imagine we are there in our minds...i don't think it satisfies him.

+ sweeping up after he makes a mess

+ watering the garden with me every morning. it's just not the same without him. during breakfast he always says "water!" and once we are done, he runs to the door and says "shoes!"
{one of these days he will say more than one word at a time!}

+ when avery starts crying, sometimes he will yell, "OH NO!!"
{for example, during sacrament meeting :)}

+ doing exercises with me! i'm taking my dad's weight training class so i do egoscue every morning. max loves doing the windmills.

+ eating up peas from the garden like candy. he shovels them in, no joke. it's pretty cute.

and here are some oldies but goodies i found on our camera:

video one: max speaks!

video two: max rides a lawnmower

p.s. does anyone know how to put more than one picture next to each other?? i don't like having a huge list of pictures...


  1. he is seriously so cute! i can't believe he's going to be 2 already, that's crazy! i love his otter pop picture. i mean, who wouldn't love those things?

    you guys have such a cute family. =)

  2. SOOOO jealous of your lawnmower! Where did that come from?

  3. Oh Jessie, he's such a doll!! What a fun little guy he is. And you're such a good mom.

    I came across some old camp pictures of you and Jenny, and I have to confess I got a little teary thinking about those good old days!!

    Ah, life.