Monday, August 22, 2011

it was time.

i think the pictures can do most of the talking:

i might add, however, that it took a mighty lot of convincing on my part to get danny to be ok with cutting max's hair.

what would you have done?? i like our little guy with nice, short hair...but danny prefers the long, luscious locks. he says we are growing it out until after christmas...we'll see about that! :)


  1. Free advice is always worth just what you pay for it, but here's mine:

    Little boys should look like little boys, not like little girls. (That goes for big boys, too, but nobody asked me about that!)

    I think little boys look so handsome and smart when they have a manly haircut.

    Although Max is so cute, he looks good either way! :-)

  2. My sister in law always keeps her boys hair pretty short and it think it looks adorable! Especially when they are rough and tumble outside and get dirty so quickly. It is easy to wash, wear, and search for ticks :-)

  3. This is a never ending issue in our marriage. Jeff is always wielding the clippers and I am always begging him to leave it long. My poor boys are torn in the middle.