Monday, August 22, 2011

discovery gateway

one of the highlights of our summer was spending time with danny's family using the salt lake city connect pass. it was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. the pass allows you to visit up to 13 locations in a 3 day span. we went to more than half of the locations...and even though it was extremely hectic at times with two kiddos, we are so glad we did it!

the first stop was the discovery gateway museum. we had never been there before and we LOVED it. if you are in the salt lake area and have kids under the age of 12, go to discovery gateway!! we could have stayed there all day.

there was water to play in, a farm, a little grocery store for the kids to "shop" in, toys + costumes to dress up in, giant pool balls + dominoes, a giant keyboard on the floor, magnets, a helicopter, a pretend gas station, musical instruments, balls, lawnmowers to push!...the list goes on and on.

danny and i had a blast, but max--he was in heaven.

next stop: clark planetarium + snowbird!


  1. Max looks SO much older, I hardly recognized him in these pictures!

  2. What an awesome place!!! There is a Kids Discovery place in Charlotte and I took Brin with her 2 boy cousins in June and she was like overly stimulated and passed OUT in the car on the way home. She was crazy exhausted but she had the time of her life!