Tuesday, August 23, 2011

clark planetarium + snowbird

our next stop {after a quick lunch at the gateway food court} was the clark planetarium. we got to go to a show in the dome theater--ultimate universe. the dome is pretty neat...but we were pretty unimpressed with the actual show. plus, max had to leave a little bit early since he doesn't do well sitting still for long periods of time...however, they did have fun toys to play with in the gift shop!

to squeeze in naps for the kids, we let them sleep on the way up to snowbird. amazingly, it worked out! max was out before we even got on the freeway + avery slept like a champ pretty much the whole day. danny signed up to ref a soccer tournie up in ogden, so he had to skip out on snowbird. we missed him! but thanks to danny's parents we survived!

the tram ride was absolutely breathtaking. it is always so much fun to go up the canyon in the middle of the summer. it was such a treat! the ice cream + snowball fights helped to cool us down too :)

next stop: this is the place park + the hogle zoo!

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  1. What a fun post!!!!!!!!! Um, that picture of you and your two kiddos almost made me cry! Holy warm my heart instantly!!! Cutest thing EVER! Frame please :-) Love you guys and Happy Anniversary!!!! WHOA 3 years!!! It's flown by huh??