Friday, August 26, 2011

this is the place + hogle zoo

our next day of adventures included this is the place park + the hogle zoo. luckily they are right across the street from each other so driving was at a minimum.

it was HOTTT all day long, but we still had a good time. max was able to ride a real live pony, pet some sheep, see baby goats, ride on a mini train, explore a ship, walk through pioneer homes, tour one of brigham young's homes, and even witness a "bank robbery."

we decided after the fact that max + {especially} avery would enjoy "this is the place" a little better when they are older...but now we know that for next time :)

the zoo was great! we didn't stay there very long because of:
1. the heat
and 2. cranky children

but it was fun to point out all of the animals to max that he usually only sees in stories. he loved the giraffes + he even got to ride another "horse" at the zoo! kristina + missy met up with us for this little excursion, so that was fun too.

next stop: the lion house + the olympic park up in park city + the dino museum at thanksgiving point!


  1. i don't know if i've mentioned it before, {i think i have} but your stroller is awesome!! where did you get it??

    and the zoo is awesome. i agree. and so does zak.

    and avery is seriously so so cute! and waaay tanner than me! lucky lucky girl!

  2. Holy smokes Avery is soooo beautiful. I don't think she can get any more pretty cuz that just wouldn't be possible, then you post another picture and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Kills me. And since when did Max grow up?! He is like a boy now. Time is a crazy thing and I wish life would slow down. I swear when Max was born (which feels like yesterday) Caleb and I talked about how we would have our first when you had your second, and here we are. Too bad that didn't happen... Hopefully your third can be friends and the same age as our first. :) And Jessie I totally think your rocking it in the mommy world. You can tell your kids are so happy!! It was good to see you guys a few weeks back. Hope we can see you more!!!

  3. What a fun time you had!! I need to learn more about that pass...

    And you need to watch Singin' in the Rain!!!