Saturday, August 27, 2011

utah olympic park + the dinosaur museum

one of the biggest regrets from my childhood is not attending any of the winter olympic games when they came to utah. some of the events were held literally BLOCKS from my parents house, and they ran the torch right down the street from where we lived...but we didn't see any of it. isn't that horrible?!? i don't really know why, but whatever the reason, it makes me sad.

going to the utah olympic park almost made up for it. that park is AMAZING. we did just a simple tour of the park but danny and i were impressed the entire time. we had a wonderful tour guide + max and avery did great too! plus, no one fell down the ski slope, so that was a bonus :)

i had no idea that skiers practiced year round. they go down the slopes while wearing wet suits and flip into a pool of bubbly water. is anyone else as clueless as i was? either way, it was so neat! we couldn't get over how little the kids were going off the jumps. they had FIVE year olds doing it!!! craziness.

we got to go right down to the bobsled track, where they had real sleds going down!! you can pay $60 for a one-minute ride {one dollar a second!} a professional driver drives the sled, but even knowing that i don't think i could ever do it! they were flying. the luge track also scared me to death. how do people do that kind of stuff?? i will never know...

...and the last stop of the day: thanksgiving point. we stopped there on our way back home after three days of non-stop activities. we were exhausted to say the least. as tired as we all were, max still had a blast at the dino museum. the sand room + the magnetic wall were definite favorites of his.
yay for summer activities!! we wish it would never end...


  1. Avery has the darkest skin I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of all these fun trips you've been taking! It is WAY too hot here in FL to do basically anything outdoors. It sucks!

  2. I LOVE the picture of Danny and Max in front of that shark!! YIKES!

    What a fun adventure. I am definitely going to try to check out the Olympic Park...that looks pretty cool.

  3. Yes I was clueless until you enlightened me. I mean, I figured Olympians practiced year around, I just figured they did it in places where there was snow! Never knew the Olympic park was such a fun place. It's on my list now!