Thursday, September 01, 2011

my baby girl

sometimes it is unreal to me that i have TWO children. seriously?! i never would have even dreamed of having two kids at the age of twenty-three. but here i am with an almost two year old, energetic, happy, little boy and an absolutely beautiful, tan, sweet, 4 month old baby girl.

it is crazy to think about.

life can get crazy sometimes. very crazy. like yesterday morning, for instance. avery woke up three times last night and decided she was up for good at 7:30 am. i thought i'd be able to slip in the shower real quick before max woke up but just as i had avery content with her binky...i heard max crying for "nope" {aka milk} in his room. so i rushed to the bathroom, put my contacts in, and threw on an outfit before rescuing max from his crib. only to find out that he definitely woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. he demanded a fruit-by-the-foot for breakfast {which was at least one year old!} and when i wouldn't give in he threw himself back on the floor. after five minutes of him crying, avery started crying...and i considered putting all of us back to bed to start the day over. however, after saying our morning prayers + some definite miracles the rest of the day turned out much better.

luckily, not all mornings are like that. some are quite the opposite. when i snapped these pictures of my sweet little avery, max was sleeping in + all was quiet in the house.

i absolutely love this baby girl of mine. she is sweet. she makes the cutest little noises. she curls her toes up so tight it looks uncomfortable but she does it all the time so it must not hurt. she smiles so big at max. she can get her legs kicking super fast. she loves chewing on mortimer the moose. she falls asleep in the bike trailer in about two seconds flat. she instantly calms down the second we lay her in her tub. she can roll over.

oh, and she has the most beautiful skin i have ever seen. when people see her for the first time they usually make one of three comments:

1. "you know, you shouldn't take your baby to the tanning beds."
2. "it's not good to set your baby out in the sun."
3. "i have never seen two white people with such a tan baby."

it is pretty hilarious! we love it though. and we love our avery. she has added so much light to our family and we are forever grateful that we get to be her parents.

so, even though life is crazy-hectic-busy-filled-with-crying sometimes,

i wouldn't trade being a mom to max + avery for the world.


  1. Cute! Avery and Max look so different, yet still look like brother and sister. I am sorry you had a crazy morning. I hate days like that. You just wish they never happened. Glad it turned out better though!

  2. sometimes i get scared of having two kids because zak is so energetic aaaalllll the time. but then i read your blog, and i'm like "if jessie can do it, i can do it" haha so thank you, for not making it look like your kids are perfect all the time. =) however, they are so cute all the time. lol

    oh, and i love the tanning bed comment. i hope they were kidding, haha

  3. What a beautiful post!!!! Avery is a doll. Oh my gosh that made me laugh about Max wanting a fruit by the foot. Brin wanted cereal for dinner and I didn't argue. I can't fight her when she is so demanding. Today I was sweeping our porch and Brin said to me, "Stop mama Don't!" So loud. Oh my gosh, i grabbed that girl so fast and put her in time out. She is a firey little one!! Wonder where she gets it!?

  4. haha! I got asked once, "what ethnicity is your baby?" I wasn't exactly sure how to respond.... people are funny! Sorry about your morning, I had one of those the other day, only I was the one that woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Poor Carson! I miss you cute girl!