Wednesday, September 07, 2011

st. george

a few weeks before school started up again, we packed our little family of four into the car and headed down to st. george, utah. it was a wonderful little getaway. not as relaxing as we had initially imagined with two children {under two!} but we tried to make the most of it! we got a deal at the townhouse suite marriott and, besides having to put max's bed in the bathroom, the set-up couldn't have been better. max's favorite part was the closet that connected to the bathroom + the kitchen area. he ran through the closets constantly!

our trip basically consisted of eating, sleeping, hiking, and swimming. not to shabby, huh??

we could see the swimming pool from our room and max would run to the window saying "water! water!" however, whenever we finally made our way down to the pool he would get terrified! we would hold him and swim to the center of the pool while he cried for the stairs. after three swimming sessions, we thought he'd warm up to the water...but he never did! any advice out there on how to help your little ones not be terrified of water?? he wasn't scared of running around the pool though! i almost had multiple heart attacks but the biggest wound was from the pool chairs. somehow max wedged himself between the chairs, and walked away with a fat lip + a very interesting cut. can you see it in the picture? poor boy!

we were able to go to snow canyon and do a fun--but extremely sandy!--hike. since we are super smart, we decided to hike around noon when the sun is highest in the we had to cut the hike short but we still had a great time. snow canyon is absolutely beautiful and it was fun to think that the last time we were there i was pregnant with max! crazy how time flies.

poor avery was not happy! max wasn't at his best either :) after getting in our cool car + getting some water in us we felt a little better so we decided to try and find the splash pad/merry-go-round i saw on-line. thanks to danny's internal gps, we made it! we all got a little dizzy on the merry-go-round, but we had a hard time pulling max away from all the water! {i guess when he's not completely surrounded he loves water...silly boy}

the next day, before heading home we walked around the st. george temple grounds. i always forget how extremely WHITE that temple is!! it is absolutely breath-taking. i'll tell what's not breath-taking though--a baby having a complete blow out in white pants...with no diaper! yeah, we are awesome parents! :) luckily, there was a wedding going on and we asked someone for an extra diaper. it was a little big, but it did the job!

and we ended our trip with one last swim at the pool. it was hard to leave beautiful st. george with the blue skies, red rocks, and warm weather but luckily it's not to far away! we'll for sure be back.


  1. Cute post!!! I love that you guys are such "hiking" people....I haven't gone in a hike for yeaaaaaaaaars. You are a hot mama, Jess. The awesome thing about living in Utah is that there are SOO many beautiful things to see and do! We have the beach, but it isn't really THAT exciting when Brinley is trying to run and SWIM by herself and I am more stressed out then anything!!!

    Love you guys!!! and ya his "cut" is the funniest thing!! It is a total grid. That is crazy!

  2. Dan's face holding Avery + blowout = priceless. I'm telling you, Southern Utah is where it's at. I haven't hiked Snow Canyon since high school when we would go there on dates. I need to get back!

  3. Glad you had fun...although I think it is a little too hot to really enjoy the weather in SG try winter next time when the weaather is really beautiful. okay so next time you really need to call us so that we can babysit while you two go on a date! That would make your vacation a little more vacation like. And I'm not kidding call us.