Thursday, September 08, 2011

our county fair...

..."is the best county fair! don't miss it, don't even be late!"

one thing we've come to love about our little town is the sense of togetherness + the traditions that are so prevalent throughout the community. the fair is one of those traditions that the people talk about + look forward to all year long.

and now that we've gone, we know why! we had such a good time seeing all the animals + craft/food entries, going to free rodeos, riding around on the little train, eating fair food, watching juab's county idol performers, going to the dutch oven cook off, seeing the little babies race in the diaper derby, and best of all, going to the DEMOLITION DERBY!

before the derby started, everyone had to clear out of the arena because of a natural emergency. it was SO windy + it looked like it was going to rain all night long. they told us to wait in our cars until the storm blew over but after about twenty minutes, we thought it would be called off for sure. we took the kids home, gave them their baths + then we heard the announcers back on at the arena! so we packed into the car with jackets and set out for our evening entertainment.

we felt slightly white trash...but we had way more fun than expected!
our friends natasha + jeff invited us to sit in their box seats with them + they definitely added to the overall greatness of the night. their kids look forward to the derby all year long, and from the looks on their boys' can tell! it is awesome. to top it all off, avery slept through the entire derby!! i have no idea how that happened. if you've ever been to a demolition derby, you know that they are anything but quiet. but she slept like a log and max was glued to the cars the whole time. sadly, i didn't get any pictures but it was a wonderful and very late night. if you've never been to a derby, you might want to try it out :)


  1. That wind was CRAZY!! And then it was gone. Weird...

    I love those pictures of Avery chewing on your wrist! She's so cute!!

    You guys do so many fun things. I admire your energy!!

  2. woot woot for the County Fair...and for the redneck McKinley family.

  3. My favorite part of this post was that you went home and could HEAR the announcers from your house - I love your town!