Wednesday, November 02, 2011

pearly whites

our little munchkin just surfaced her first tooth yesterday!! 
it was an exciting moment.

she has been a little grumpy lately, but for some reason, i didn't even expect a tooth.
i thought she would be a late bloomer, since max had about four teeth by now :)
but randomly, i felt her gums...and there it was.

aside from growing a pearly white, 
her personality is becoming more and more apparent, and we love her so so much.
she had her 6 month check-up today but it was unlike any doctor's visit i have ever experienced!
the power was out, so the entire hospital was working by lantern light!
it was quite the sight to behold.  they couldn't even weigh her because their scale runs on electricity!  
however, they were still able to give her three shots.  poor girl!

she can scoot like a pro and is almost on the verge of crawling. 
{see video below}

and she loves her baby food.
i've been making it using my new blendtec and it is so much easier than i expected it to be.
her fav combo's include: sweet potato + pear, broccoli + pea, and mango + peach.


she is such a joy and is a wonderful addition to our family.
max loves her more than i can even describe...and so do we.
we love you little avey baby!!