Wednesday, November 02, 2011

scratch that.

so...i may seem very indecisive...but turns out we aren't going private after all.
thanks for all of your support though! :)

ever since writing my last post, i have been feeling really strongly that i can use my public blog as a tool to better spread the gospel of jesus christ. these feelings started during general conference. conference was absolutely amazing!!! and many of my prayers were answered.
two of my fav talks included:

elder ian s. ardern: a time to prepare

after hearing these talks {listen and/or read them if you haven't already! they are incredible.}
i really felt like i could devote my time on-line in much more appropriate ways. it is amazing how easily time passes on the computer!! i have made some changes and thought that making my blog private might help me spend less time on-line. however, i don't think that's the case.

you will notice some changes on our blog though, to allow for added security :)

thanks for putting up with my crazy ways...and get excited for lots and lots of blog posts to follow. i have some serious catching up to do.

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