Thursday, January 19, 2012

little goose

oh, miss. avery mae.

where do i begin??

you are growing up so extremely fast.  nine months already??  i refuse to believe it!

you are energetic.
you love your brother.
you have two pearly whites on the bottom.  they are adorable but sharp!
you can crawl so quickly (you've got to keep up with max!)
you have the most beautiful skin.
you just started sleeping through the night!!!!
(this has been an answer to many prayers)
you aren't super attached to your binky, but you like it when you go to sleep.
you have some favorite foods: pulled pork being at the top of the list
(we couldn't give it to you fast enough!)
you want to be able to walk so badly.
you can pull yourself up to the couch.
you love paper and always try to eat it.  (you've been successful a few times!)
you have had a runny nose for the last month (at least!)
you love to read (and try and eat) stories.
you take two naps a day.
you love it when i sing to you (almost as much as i love it.)
you weigh 17 pounds. (max weighs 25!)
you love bath time.
(tonight you were fascinated with the faucet)
you like to be around max and take his toys.
you love to play with your daddy.
you hardly snuggle with us anymore.
you make some of the cutest, and silliest faces.
you love to eat and get very impatient when you run out of food on your tray.
you smile at yourself in the mirror.
you have the cutest little laugh.


and, you have brought so much joy into our lives!

wondering what this picture has to do with sweet innocent little avery mae??

let me tell you:

the other night, after putting ave to bed, she instantly popped up and started crawling all over the place. (not typical for her)  i expected her to calm down but when i came back to check on her she was still just as wired.  i kept watching her and decided to go grab danny so he could see our crazy daughter.  we thought it best to put pillows around her just in case she toppled out of her bassinet.  we kissed her goodnight and went out into the kitchen to watch a show.  a few minutes later, i went to grab a drink...and what do you know???  avery has the most triumphant look on her face as she is CRAWLING INTO THE KITCHEN!!!  it freaked me out!  i was so shocked, but i also couldn't stop laughing.  it was craziness.  good thing we put pillows down!!  both of our pack-n-plays were at my parents, so we had to make a late night trip to our friends to borrow one (thanks again linzy!)  luckily, she hasn't figured out how to get herself out of that one...yet :)

we love you little goose!

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  1. Oooo my goodness....I would have DIED if that happened to me! Brinley still hasn't gotten out of her crib, thank goodness!!! I am so afraid she will do it sometime and fall down the stairs (we sleep downstairs, she sleeps upstairs).

    Avery has the most BEAUTIFUL skin. Holy cow.

    and 9 MONTHS?????? noooooooooooooo way. I swear she was just born! Time to start planning that 1 year old party!!!!