Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the seven layer wall

once we knew we were moving in, the wallpaper was the first thing to go.  
from first glance, we thought the walls were the only things covered...come to find out, the entire ceiling was covered as well.  

seven layers of wallpaper later, we found the original paint color.
beautiful, isn't it?? :)

 some of the wallpaper we uncovered was extremely vintage looking.  our house was built in the 1920's.  i would love to be able to see pictures of our home throughout the years!

since danny has connections with some incredibly talented people, we were able to re-texture our ceiling and walls...thanks to cody!  then, danny's dad painted the ceiling.  what a good man!  (i promise we helped too!)

and then, we were finally able to paint!  we got a sample of one, but it was a little too green for me...

and then we found this:

and that's where we'll end today.
next up: the tile backsplash + cabinet lighting!


  1. Jessie! I love what you have done and I can't wait to see more! I love that you have a cute house that you are remodeling! That is my dream and I can't wait to own a house one day! Hope you are doing well!

    PS, I adore the kitchen color!

  2. I love seeing your before's and after's =) keep 'em coming! =)) '

  3. I'm super excited to follow the evolution of your home makeover. I can see some major improvement in just this first little post! 7 layers of wallpaper...who invented that stuff anyway?!! And popcorn ceiling!? I have a love/ hate relationship with home makeovers. Hate that it is never ending but LOVE the constant progress and how your house keeps getting better and better. Don't forget to post about Allie's wedding...still want to see pictures from that.

  4. Good heavens! What a lot of work!! It looks so great, though, and don't you just feel so proud of yourselves!