Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mini da vinci

as a mother it is so much fun to see what interests my children.
max is such a boy.  he loves to be outside, kick balls, and play with cars.
however, he also loves "craft time" with mom.  i love it!

i got him this little watercolor set the other day and he is so determined and concentrated when he paints.  cutest thing ever.  he insisted on wearing his home depot apron (to keep it manly, i'm sure :) and he stayed entertained for a good chunk of time.

he also loves playing with play-doh and making little "eyes"  the other day, while i was making dinner i set out his play-doh for him and next thing i knew, i saw this:

what fun activities do you like to do with your kiddo's??

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  1. We use our Home Depot aprons as craft aprons too! I just bought carson some water colors and can't wait to let him try them out! I think he will love them. I made a couple cute little games for Carson (like the toothpick game, the noodle threading) that I used for conference. I'll have to show you, Carson loved them and I bet Max would too!