Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Today marks the first day (in 10 days!) that I've been able to get dressed in something besides sweats, and get up off of the couch!  Wow it's been rough.  Danny finally sent me to the doctor's on Friday and after 3 looong hours in the office I got home with some meds.  I had to wait forever to even see the doctor, and once he saw me he thought I had influenza...awesome!  I got tested, and luckily I didn't have it, but I did have an ear infection and a nasty cough.  I took the last pill for my ear infection today and things are definitely looking up in that regard, thank goodness!

The only good that came from being sick included:
+ reading Unbroken
+ joining Netflix (free trial!) and starting Downton Abbey.  What can I say...I'm hooked!
+ having so many reach out to help me!  (THANK YOU to those who have watched the kids, brought meals, and called with encouraging words.   You know who you are.)


With general conference coming up this weekend (yay!!) 
I have been trying harder to prepare myself because I am in need of some serious spiritual guidance.

Things in my life have seemed a little out of whack lately.  I'm not sure what exactly has gotten me down this last little while...maybe the crazy weather?  Maybe the fact that I've been sick for the last 10 days??   Maybe the unsureness about the future?  (We might be moving from Nephi this next school year...)  Maybe the challenges of being a mother?

Whatever the issue, life can be tough at times.
And for me, one of those times has been rather recently.

In searching out answers to my questions I've come across 
some highly inspirational talks, videos, and blog posts and thought I'd share the love:

So, that's that!
Have you read any of these before?  Any other good suggestions for me?
What plans do you have for Conference?


  1. Forget Me Not will become an all-time classic for women. It simply addresses so many of the challenges and trials that we face as women and mothers. It is ideal not matter what phase of life you are in. Our plans for Conference? Take Daisy! This is the first time she is old enough to go and I can't wait to share it with her!

    1. Yay!! That is awesome. What session are you guys going to? We're going to the Sat. Afternoon. Can't wait!

  2. aw i'm so sorry you've been sick!!! we've been sick here at our house too with croup/laryngitis the past week :( no fun. but i'm glad to hear your getting better, and just in time to enjoy conference :) miss you, jess & i look forward to seeing you next week (hopefully)!

  3. Sorry you've been sick! Hope things just go up from here. :)

  4. Downton is amazing!! And I'm so so so so sorry if I got you sick when you were visiting :(.

  5. Downton is the BEST.

    Sorry you've been sick, girl! Absolute worst when you have to take care of babies. Mamas don't get a sick day!!!

    totally looking forward to GC this weekend. I need some quiet time and just listen (which won't happen since Brinley will nap during the BREAK and not during an actually session). Anyways. You're wonderful girl. Hang in there. I can't wait to hear about if you are moving or not! Your babies are so beautiful and I love seeing what they are up to. You are SO good at taking pictures or their funny activities. I need to be better. Or I need a recorder because Brinley says the weirdest/funniest things! LOVE YOU!!!