Wednesday, April 11, 2012

birthday festivities

i'm sure you are all dying to know how DAY ONE of potty training went.
(we're following the 3 day potty training technique found here)

 let's leave it at this:
lots of water, juice, popsicles, and kool-aid
candy land, craft time, and curious george
15 accidents
one grumpy baby...meaning avery
 (good thing danny has spring break!!)
and two very exhausted parents.

please tell me this gets better?!?


on a happier note:

the last few weeks have been jam packed with birthday festivities!
we've got three birthday's within 3 weeks!! craziness!

my birthday comes first, right after conference weekend.
we were able to spend the weekend up in layton with danny's family and we had a fabulous time.  
wasn't conference the best?  danny and i were able to attend the saturday afternoon session at the conference center with our friends sam + penny and elder holland starting off the session was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  the lighting in the conference center isn't totally conducive to staying awake, so danny struggled a little bit but he did remember something about "scottish grit."  :)

we ate at blue lemon after our session and i think it's safe to say that it has become my new favorite restaurant.  i ordered the black bean tortellini (yummy) and their slushy ice definitely helped to curb my ice addiction!

monday was my actual birthday and it was a wonderful day.  birthday's are great!  thanks for all the texts, phone calls, letters, packages, balloon bouquet, and facebook messages.  i felt very loved!  danny even had his classes send me birthday text/video messages with them singing happy birthday.  can't get much better than that!

and to top it all off, avery took HER FIRST STEPS!!!! she won't say mama yet but she walked to me on my birthday!  it was the greatest gift she could have given me.  (ok, i guess after today, the greatest gift would have been to potty train herself! haha)

that night, we drove up to provo to celebrate with my family and to cheer my little sister on in her school musical, cinderella.  she played perla the mouse and did a fantastic job!  my mom made a delicious dinner + we had costco cheesecake for dessert.  the perfect ending to a perfect day!

(above: the only pictures i have documenting my birthday)

(below: ave walks!  this video was taken on day two)


  1. You are so brave to do that 3 day system thing! I kind of refuse to let those accidents happen. So I'm ok doing a slow approach and not to push Brinley too much. Cute little panties!!!!!!! He is so cute!!!!!!

    Miss av took her first steps!!!??? Go girl!!!! She is so pretty! Her skin tone is to die for.

    Jealous you guys have the ability to go to conference! Ryan still has never been. The 2 times we could have gone, I was 9 months pregnant and the other time we had finals the next day!!!!! Ahhhhh so that is our plan to do a utah trip someday to get that boy to conference!

  2. Yay for Avery!!

    And may I just say, potty training SUCKS. I hated it four times in a row. I often wondered what would be so bad about letting them wear diapers until they decided that they didn't want to anymore, and potty trained themselves??!!

    And I'm glad you had a great birthday. XOXOX

  3. We have been diaper bag free for over six months now for the first time in almost 8 years and it has been pure bliss. In the middle of potty training it sometimes feels like changing diapers forever would be easier...but it is worth it! Good luck Max (and mama!) And I'm cracking up that you confessed that Dan had a hard time staying awake IN the Conference center. hehe.