Friday, April 13, 2012

happy easter

our easter was pretty low key this year--we stayed at home and had a very small easter egg hunt (think four eggs within a ten foot radius...) but we did manage to make a delicious meal + we were able to spend some quality time outside where it was absolutely beautiful!

i taught my primary girls this last week, (was easter really almost one week ago??)  and we had a great easter lesson which definitely helped contribute to the spirit of the day.  i am so grateful to have a testimony of my Savior and for his atoning sacrifice.  the knowledge that he still lives and cares about me is something that gets me through some tough days.  what a wonderful holiday!

thanks to some awesome balloons (with mega helium) from my friend natasha, avery has discovered that she cannot live without a balloon string in her hand.  it is actually pretty darn cute.  we have balloons scattered all around the house, and whenever she sees one (and believe me, if it's there, she will spot it!) she reaches towards it saying "ohh, ooh!" and she doesn't stop until she's got a firm grip.  silly girl.




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