Friday, April 13, 2012

the terrible twos have begun!

you guys!  i don't know what to do about my sweet, energetic, happy, runningahundredmilesaminute little boy.  just within the last few weeks i feel like he has entered the terrible twos.

now, it's not all the time.  most of the time he is still his happy, good-natured little self.
but sometimes, a monster emerges...and i need some advice :)

just a few examples:

+ he hits avery at the most random times.  i'm not sure where this is coming from, but i sure hope it's normal!  most of the time he loves her SO incredibly much, but sometimes he just takes his anger out on her.  she is getting pretty tough!  today i caught them playfully wrestling and avery was totally holding her own.  proud mama moment :)

+ he insists on changing his outfit at least three times a day (if not more)  
his favorite outfit of choice?  pajamas of course.
(on the flip side, he has gotten a million times better at getting himself dressed!)

+ he doesn't eat well during meal times.  he used to be a champ about this, but lately he either refuses to take one bite!! or he takes a bite and then plays with the rest of his meal.  when danny's mom watched him the other day she told us that he "ate enough to feed a mouse!"  what a great description!

+ and don't even get me started on potty training!!!!! holy moly.  it's been an exhausting three days.  and i'm a little teeny tiny bit super-de-duper frustrated because today was probably the worst day of all. he did make it to the toilet ONCE today (after peeing mostly on the bathroom floor...) and yesterday he even pooped twice in the toilet (major accomplishment in my opinion!) but it has been incredibly hard.  i can't tell you how tempting it has been to just throw diapers on him and wait another few months...or few years!!!  danny has faith that things are going to work out.  i sure hope he's right.


ok.  i think i'm done venting :)

i really do love my little maximillion soooo much.  he brings so much light into our family.  he is full of energy and is such a lovable and loving person.  he is talking so well lately and has even started singing some little snippets of songs.  the other day in the car he started randomly singing "the itsy bitsy spider" it was the first time i've ever really heard him sing more than a few words and it was so cute!

+ one of my favorite phrases of his lately is his version of the word "noodles."  he calls them "nerdles" and just typing that makes me laugh :)  he is such a cutie.  another random cute thing he did the other day: he hurt his knee and instantly leaned over and kissed it better himself :)

+ he loves "craft time" with mommy and totally gets into it with me.  we've done all sorts of fun things lately (especially since we've been cooped up in the house getting "potty trained") and it's been great to try out some new things.


+ he is such a boy and can spot a truck, bus, car transporter (he actually saw one the other day and said, "mom! a transporter!" so funny!), tractor, etc...anywhere!  he was especially excited when a tractor got to stay at our house for the night.  a dream come true in his opinion!


+ speaking of singing, here is max singing his version of "scripture power."
we're still working on most of the words, but we love it!


  1. Max is one of the cutest little boys I know and I love hearing him talk. He is such a sweetie. But I definitely know what you mean about the terrible twos phase. Ellie seemed to hit the same thing you are describing about Max last fall, and it was hard but honestly it got SO much better after about 3 months. It seems like it was just Ellie learning she could be more independent and demanding, and we as her parents were figuring out how to draw the line between letting her explore and be expressive but disciplining as needed (which we will always be trying to figure out!) But just try and keep the mindset that it is a transitional phase and will get better! You and Danny are such great parents and we love you!

  2. Oh my goodness, our children are twins. Brinley doesn't hit, but her attitude is seriously getting scary. I finally put her in her crib after she kept yelling "Go in the family room!!!" Over and over and over again. I kept her in there for 5 minutes and when I went into her room, she immediately said, "I so sorry for yelling at you, mama." I couldn't stay mad, but dang that girl telling her mama what to do! She gets pretty snoody. Basically, she needs a sibling bad! hahaha it will definitely put her in her place!

  3. i just wanted to tell you that we started potty training zak today, and i about wanted to kill myself, no joke. and i remembered you wrote about doing it with max on your blog so i came back to make myself feel better about being tortured doing this because someone else has been too. because all i want to do is put diapers back on him. and it's only day one. haha but you've given me hope that maybe he'll get it by the end of the week. {fingers crossed} =)

  4. oh, and i felt the same way about the devil child coming out in zak a couple of weeks ago, all he wants to do is yell "NOOOO" whenever i ask him to do anything. hurrah for having such sweet kiddies that turn into somewhat monsters when the time arises. thank goodness his bedtime is much before mine so i can recuperate/remember all the cute things he does before i go to bed.

    it's a good thing they're cute. that's all i have to say. =)