Tuesday, September 18, 2012

mcbride's berry patch.

a few weeks ago, the kids and i had some errands to run up in provo.  and because i felt like doing something on a whim, we decided to check out a "pick your own berry patch" that i'd heard good things about.

i am so glad we went.

it was amazing.  we pulled onto this quaint little country road in mapleton where the houses are spread out and the horses were grazing in the fields.  once we stepped out of the car, we were surrounded by hundreds of flowers and rows and rows of raspberries + blackberries.  it seriously felt like heaven.  

the kids ran up ahead and we were greeted by the nice man who runs the place.  he let the kids pick out their very own buckets, and then gave me some string to tie them around their waists.  he led us out to one of the many rows of raspberries and picked a handful for us to try.  they were delicious.  and then he let us on our own.

max and avery ran through the row, picking as many berries as they could get their little hands on (and eating just as many...avery especially).  max did a great job filling up his bucket and i worked as quickly as i could to get some to take home.

we will definitely be going back.  
and i've made it my new goal to have a berry patch like that when we retire. 


  1. Where is this heaven? Are they out of berries for the season?

    Plus, your kids are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it.

  2. I was so glad when Jeff's mom went to berry heaven and brought back the spoils to share with me. I ate raspberries and lemon yogurt every day for two and a half weeks. Yummo. Love your pics.

  3. So many memories of picking berries in Gramps & Grandma's garden when we were little. I've heard so many things about this fun berry patch. I must take my kiddos there!

  4. This just became my new happy place. And I haven't even been there! What a fun adventure for the kids, too!