Sunday, April 07, 2013

park dates with papa frank

when the kids weren't playing on papa & graunna debbie's swing set, they wanted to go to the park (they are turning into a very smart little duo...) of course, papa obliged, and i tagged along. besides the first playground being completely overtaken by two buses filled with children, the kids had an absolute blast on the second playground we found (while almost giving me several heart attacks. who builds playgrounds with such steep slides & places to fall off?) avery is quite the little dare devil. i'm pretty sure it was during this trip that she earned her new nickname, "brave ave." it fits her well!

we grabbed wendy's to-go, and when we arrived home we found grandma in the trailer cleaning things up. the kids immediately suggested we have lunch in the trailer, and they loved it!!

here are a few more pictures from our mini-vacay to grandma & papas.

+ ave sure knows how to get some insanely awesome bed-head:


+ she also has great fashion taste:

+ i sure do love her!!

+ max is obsessed with coloring. he fills his backpack (among other things) with pages, and pages...and pages of papers to color. i absolutely love how he currently colors. he uses a plethora of colors, and is careful to do each little section differently. such a little artist he is. (he is also quite proud of his new-found skill. i would be too!)

+ another new skill he has picked up on is taking hundreds of pictures on our little iPod touch. here are just a few! (connect four, the living room rug, his pants & shoes.) love him!!


i know this is super late, but thanks again for letting us crash at your house for a few days mom & dad. the kids have been talking about "graunna debbie" non-stop the last few days...looks like it's time for another trip! ;)

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