Saturday, April 06, 2013

sunshine & swings

these were taken way back in the beginning of march when we stayed with danny's parents while the bathroom remodel was in full-swing. i've kind of been slacking on my blog updates, and now i'm so far behind i'm getting overwhelmed! but hopefully i'll get caught up sooner or later.

while we were there, it was so beautiful & warm and the kids definitely took advantage of it! (how could they not with the horribly freezing cold winter we had?!) they would have stayed outside all day (and night!) if i had let them :)


when danny gets his hands on the camera, he likes to change the settings and do all sorts of crazy things ;) the following pictures are courtesy of him:

lastly, a few from inside (cereal time, yatzee, etc...) don't mind avery's runny nose. (this is when i thought she may have a UTI. i think the real problem was her two-year molars! no fun!!)

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