Wednesday, April 10, 2013

spring break: part uno

since our summer vacation is pretty much non-existant (due to the masters), we decided to ditch all of our home renovations and other worries and head south to soak up some sun.

it was probably the best decision we could have made! :)

our first stop: sunny st. george, with some of the best friends we could ask for!! zach and garret are both going through the religious education program with danny...and lucky for me, their wives are awesome!! zach & krista (st. george natives) invited us all down for a little get-away, and amazingly we were able to pull it off (even with a huge paper due!) 

we left friday afternoon, and caravanned down with everybody. besides all of the crazy traffic (and almost getting run off the road by an old lady...) the drive was fantastic! the kids were glued to charlotte's web (they couldn't believe there was a movie in the car!! the borrowed dvd player was a life-saver, but i'm glad our car isn't that high-tech...max got a little too attached during our trip) and we started listening to code name: verity (a story about world war two). the drive went super quick!

after getting unpacked, we headed to zach's parent's house, where they had a cute little dinosaur egg hunt ready for them, complete with dino hats!! it was a great warm-up exercise for the real easter egg hunt we had later on in the weekend :)

and then it was swimming time!!! max & avery were so pumped (can't you tell from the pictures?? haha) they really were excited though. between the pool, trampoline, playground, good food + friends, we all had a grand time.

she's getting so grown up!!

next up: our jam-packed saturday-before-easter in st. george :)


  1. yay! That was so fun, so glad it all worked out. My favorite pictures is Garrett going down the slide while Dan pours the water, they look like happy little children! haha!