Wednesday, April 10, 2013

spring break: day two

we woke up saturday morning refreshed & ready to go! garret and karli were in charge of breakfast (homemade waffles, syrups, and fresh fruit. yumm!!) and by mid-morning we were on our way to snow canyon for a little hike, lunch & sand dunes.

we chose a "short" hike (which, looking back, may have been a little bit too long for our bunch...) but the kids handled it pretty well! max has an obsession with backpacks (if you didn't already know) so a few minutes into the hike, he insisted that he wear the camelback. he was pretty proud of that! this is our third time coming to snow canyon together & we love it! nothing but good memories.

^^ are they not the cutest kids ever?!? ^^

after hiking up a sweat and an appetite, we were able to secure ourselves a shaded picnic table & the adults ate, while the kids mostly played! they were so excited to finally be at the "sand duuunes!!"

^^ everyone is looking & (mostly) smiling!! it's a spring break miracle :) ^^

we were hoping to swim at the sport's complex but the swimming pool was so incredibly crowded, so the guys opted to stay and play tennis, while the girls & kid's headed back to zach's parents for more swimming. (wasn't that kind of them??) too bad it got super cloudy as soon as we were finally ready to swim! the kids were good sports though and had fun regardless!

^^ this is one of my fav pictures! they want in so badly... ^^

 regardless of our incredibly busy day (with no naps for the kids!!) we couldn't pass up a good, old-fashioned, easter egg decorating session! i don't think i've ever had more fun dying eggs. the kids were crrrazy; plopping multiple eggs into every single cup, grabbing them out with their hands, smashing them on the table. krista's mom was totally encouraging the kids, and they were loving it!

and, to top it all off, we tucked the kids into bed, and then piled into the truck for a treat out on the town! we felt like we were back in high school and it was awesome :)

next up: easter!!!

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  1. You have done such a great re-cap I feel like I am having fun all over again :)

    I am loving all the pictures of Avery drinking from the Camelback. So cute!