Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring break: easter edition

what an absolutely beautiful easter it was!! how grateful we are for our Savior & the knowledge we have of his Atonement!

saturday night, (after our group date!) we filled dozens and dozens of eggs. we may have gone slightly overboard, but since we only put 1-2 pieces of candy in each one, we felt totally justified :) sunday morning, while we got the kiddo's ready for church, garret & karli "hid" the eggs for us and right before church we sent them on a little hunt. avery changed out of her sunday sandals into her running shoes (my kind of girl! haha) and the kids made it very entertaining. 

^^ we love baby ro & krista's mom for having us over!! ^^

^^ love finn's determination! ^^

^^ such a little lady. love her to pieces! ^^

after church, naps, and a delicious easter dinner (some of the best gyro's i've ever eaten!!) we packed up our little family for a trip to the st. george temple. avery's favorite song of all time is "i love to see the temple" so when she saw it in real life, it was pretty special :) after this trip, i'm determined to take the kids to the temple grounds more often. i love the beautiful grounds & the peace that is undeniable!

 ^^ love him!!! ^^

^^ she's wrapped around his finger! ^^

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  1. I've loved your posts about Spring Break, but especially this one! My ancestors built this temple, and I was endowed there. I make it there as often as I can, and I love all of your photos. So glad you and your fam had such a great Easter there!