Sunday, April 14, 2013

spring break: across the state line

as if st. george wasn't far enough...we decided to pack up monday morning and head even further south to sunny arizona!! my little sis lives there, along with danny's brother, so we were able to pack in a lot of visiting in a short amount of time.

lucky for my family, i packed a lot of yummy snacks for the road so our day consisted of eating, sleeping (for the kids), watching movies (aristocats was the favorite), listening to our book on tape, and working on danny's paper that was due. it was a successful trip! we decided to put both kids in pull-ups for the drive (life saver!!) so we only had to stop once when we were about an hour from phoenix to fill up on gas & use the bathroom. we were very proud of the kids!

^^ this little sleeping beauty was OUT! with stickers on her face and everything :) ^^

^^ and this little fella didn't fall asleep once. he was too pumped about having movies in the car... ^^

when we arrived in the phoenix area, we got in touch with dave & codi (danny's brother & sil) and met them at irin's flag football game. the kids were much more interested in playing on the playground...but they totally deserved it after being such champs in the car. after the game, we headed to their place for pizza & blue bell ice cream...and of course, an arm wrestle or two between the brother's. it was a wonderful night!!

and that is how i spent my very last day being twenty four!

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