Sunday, April 14, 2013

spring break: happy birthday to me!

it just so happened that the one full day we were in arizona was also my twenty-fifth birthday! it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. my sweet sister had the house all decorated when we woke up (love her!!) and she watched the kids while danny & i snuck away early in the morning for a beautiful session in the mesa temple. i have fond memories of that temple since i lived near it when i was little, but going back with my sweetheart is the icing on the cake.

^^ a trip to az is not complete without bahama buck's shaved ice!! ^^

we got back to alli & tony's right around lunch time, so we packed up the cooler and headed to their community pool. it was the perfect day for a swim! the kids were a little apprehensive at first (i've got to get them enrolled in swimming this summer!) but they warmed up quickly! good thing uncle tony was around to help throw the kids back & forth :)

^^ look at that form!! ^^

^^ she had the dolphin kick down, but wasn't using her arms at all. when i told her to use her arms, this is what i got :) ^^

^^ love you alli! ^^

after swimming, baths, and showers, we headed out for dinner at oregano's & shopping at the mall. dinner was...interesting since the wait was forrrevverr, the kids were grumpy from no naps, and my first birthday treat got burned, but overall i think we all had a good time :) don't mind the poor quality pictures...

^^ told you he was slightly grumpy... ^^

^^ he eventually perked up after he gulped down two cups of "root burr" ^^

^^ the second pizza cookie...not burned & delish ^^

all in all, it was practically perfect in every way. i think it was a great way to ring in the start of year 25!
thanks again alli & tony for making it so special!!

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