Monday, April 15, 2013

spring break: wahweap + home sweet home

after saying our goodbye's to alli, tony & douggie (their sweet little humongous bassett hound) we were homeward bound. the drive was incredibly long, but we were able to break it up a little bit with stops in flagstaff (avery had a major explosion!!) and page, arizona.

for those of you who may be wondering...the summer after my first year of college, my best friend and i moved down to page, arizona to work at the wahweap marina in lake powell. it was a crazy experience, working with people from all over the world (mostly australia, new zealand, and south biggie :) i was a boat instructor, so most of my days were spent on the docks and i grew to absolutely love lake powell. 

i haven't been back since jenny & i left (almost six years ago!!) so i was dying to go & give danny a glimpse at what my life was like. 

it was so so so weird to be back. the dorms were as creepy as ever (how did we live there???), the lake was gorgeous, and the dock was totally renovated! we got there after everything had closed down, but since wahweap is basically the most laid-back place on earth, we walked around and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

^^ i lived here!!!! ^^

^^ jenny, this is probably where you would have worked! crazy, huh?? ^^

^^ see that tiny little shack in the left hand corner?? that was our "office"...we basically just clocked in & spent the rest of the day out on the docks. ^^

what a fun little walk down memory lane! who knows if we will ever make it back to that marina, but i've got many fond (and crazy) memories from good ole' page. after a quick dinner & jammies, we were on the road for the last time (thank goodness!!!) i pulled out the glow sticks for some end-of-trip entertainment, and the rest of the night was spent driving through tiny towns with kids randomly waking up, screaming, and pulling at their seat belts :)

we were so glad to finally pull up to our house (in the wee hours of the morning!) but what a great vacation it was! if you missed out on any of the details, you can find them here:


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love road trips...but they are way different with kids that's for sure.

  2. How awesome! Love your pics, you look great and your kiddos are adorable as always!

  3. You all have such brown skin!!!!!! Why?!?!? I know you have natural darkness, but dang! I'm jealous! My girls have such fair skin I am afraid to spend too much time out in the sun,

  4. I have loved your updates, so fun! Looks like you guys had a good end of trip, I kept wondering how your llooonnngg drive had gone. Looks like it wasn't too bad!

    My grandpa and uncle have both had/have houseboats at Wahweap, I have spent pretty much every summer (except since we have been married) at Wahweap and Lake Powell! Oh I love it so much too! I can't believe you worked there, how funny and what a fun little adventure. I definitely need to hear bout it sometime. Maybe some year when we get rich we will have to plan a Lake Powell houseboat trip :)