Sunday, June 16, 2013

international peace gardens // outtakes

we took family pictures with danny's family last weekend since everyone was in town!! as i'm sure most of you know, family pictures can be a hassle (or is it just our kids that act like crazy people when it's their turn?!?) but if the photographer didn't get any decent ones of our little family, here are a few good ones:

^^ these pictures were taken right after we tried taking our little family pictures. the kids did not cooperate. it took three tries... ^^

^^ love this guy!!! ^^

^^ behind the scenes ^^

the above picture is probably my favorite of them all. after a long day (with no nap!) avery had just about had enough. and she was not shy about her feelings!

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  1. Family Pictures are the hardest! My kids don't cooperate either...that's why we haven't had any in a VERY long time :) Yours are adorable and I'm sure the photographer got some good ones! Your kids are cute!