Monday, June 10, 2013


this last weekend was crazy. it was awesome, but so incredibly crazy. that probably explains why today was insane. i thought about resigning as a mother. prayers that tomorrow will be better??

until then, let's re-live our awesome camping trip, shall we? it was our first time "officially" camping in a tent (last time we camped in the trailer) and i was pretty nervous that our kids would be the ones screaming at two in the morning. however, the stars aligned and by the time they hit their sleeping bags, they were out! (granted, it was midnight by the time we finally got them tucked in...but still!) and they slept until about nine in the morning.

we spent thursday night & friday morning boating out on beautiful pineview reservoir. we all had an absolute blast. the kids can't stop talking about boating and want to go back today!

this girl and her collections! rocks and sticks are her current obsession.

all four of us crammed into our little tent :)

shooting helicopters with pampa // max wanted to get back to the lake the second his eyes opened

tired babies.

max is getting into this awesome stage where he hates to smile for the camera. the picture above is right before he went tubing. below: pure joy!! finally on the tube!

while the kids were tubing, we spotted these lights in the sky! pretty neat, whatever they are!

so so beautiful!!!

max is in love with his cousin hazin. seriously, he has the biggest crush on her and left her side the entire weekend for maybe .02 seconds :)

all tuckered out! snuggled up to one of their favorite people in the world.

friday after lunch, danny and i snuck away from the group until saturday evening for "especially for athletes." it was an awesome experience! (thoughts on that coming soon :)


  1. this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well your tiny tent crammed with 4 looks alot bigger than the tent we cram 5 into...but no more! Now that we have 6 I stopped at Costco and bought the 10 man tent...tall enough for Heath to stand up in :) Yay for tent camping.