Tuesday, June 04, 2013

the bathroom reveal!!!

it's high time i show you what our bathroom is looking like these days! i'm sorry it took me so long. blogging took a backseat for awhile, but now that i'm all caught up, i'm feeling much less overwhelmed by it all.

there is still plenty to do in the bathroom...like remove the green tape (oops!), put on outlet covers, paint the door, put on a door knob, get some towel racks, add art!!, and put up some kind of window treatment. but let's face it. that won't happen for quite some time! 

so until then, here it is!!! 
(we are in love.)

what do you think of the pom-poms?! danny is still warming up to them, but i think they're awesome!

a peek into our medicine cabinet. not a whole lot of storage, but we think it's great.

and in case you forgot what it looked like before:

wonders were worked in this room i tell ya!
is it weird that the bathroom is our favorite room in the house?!

ps. i've been a blogging machine the last 24 hours! not sure what got into me, but i'm finally caught up!
if you missed them:

holy moly. i told you i went a little crazy!!
enjoy :)


  1. LOVE this!!! Now I just have to come see it in person. :)

  2. Super impressed! You guys did such a great job! Travis and I are in the middle of finishing our basement. Totally wasn't prepared for how much work it's been. But, we're so close!!! We're finally painting!

  3. I love it! And the colors are so fun!

  4. Jessie this is so so amazing!! I'm especially love the:
    -Shower Curtain
    -Light above the sink

    Y'all are so impressive!

    Also, loving your blog blitz.

  5. Love it! Can't wait to see it in person! Soon, right?! Feels like it has been FOREVER! I am loving all the updates!!

  6. Such a pleasant room you have! Whose choice of paint is it? Very relaxing. Picking the bathroom color scheme isn't a random thing. Whether it is a conscious decision or not, it reflects the owner's attitude and style.