Tuesday, July 16, 2013

america the beautiful

my how i love the fourth of july in provo!! can anything compare?? 

this year was incredible, as always. 

we woke up eager to see the hot air balloons, but that was the only misfortune we had the entire day. due to weather conditions, the balloons didn't even fill up, let alone take off. we were all majorly disappointed (since we had to wake up with the sun!) but i think i redeemed myself by buying everyone fresh, festive doughnuts :)

we went back to my parents, rested, and ate breakfast, and by 8:45 we were out the door, ready for the parade in our red, white, and blue! my aunt's family owns a house on university, so it's tradition to watch it there every year. my cousin and her friends slept out to reserve the spot (thanks sarah!) and overall i think it was the best parade year we've ever had! it was cloudy for the first half and the kids had a blast watching the parade and getting free food from the neighbors!

// once it got hot (and it did...fast!) my mom rescued us all with her spray bottles! ave definitely took advantage of them the most aka: hogged them //

//love these two//

besides the warm weather, the parades, fireworks, etc...that comes with the fourth, i love the food. my mom's potato salad is amazing!!! we also made pinterest-inspired watermelon pops, which were a hit!

after lunch, we took a break from traditional festivities, and went to the movie theater to see "monsters university"! max fell asleep on the way there and would not wake up (even though he was so so excited to see the movie)...and didn't wake up until the last 20 minutes! oh well. i thought it was so well done and even though i loved the first one, thought this one was better!

when we got back, it was initiation time for my parent's fire pit! they installed it last year, but haven't ever used it, so bri and danny were happy to get it going. we put together veggies, salmon (and steak for the non-fish eaters...ahem...danny!!), and chili-lime corn on the cob. everything tasted incredibly good. food on the fourth is the best!!

// so hard core //

// i spy a cute ave in the corner! //

you can't have a fire without making smores! i cheated and ate some gluten, but i couldn't help myself! it was the fourth after all...

after a few rounds of badminton (my favorite!!) we cleaned up and got ready to go watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire. before we could leave, we discovered avery has a fear of fireworks! (just like my sister alli!!) we hoped that my mom's noise canceling headphones would do the trick, but all she could think about was going to bed, far away from the fireworks. danny was a good sport and stayed home with her, while max was more than happy to come with us! 

the firework show was beautiful, and max had a great time...even though he was much more interested in playing with glow sticks!

and when we got home, we had one final thing to check off our list: sparklers!! we caught some pretty fun shots:

happy birthday america!!

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