Saturday, July 13, 2013

the manti pageant

the summer that danny and i got engaged, we made the drive down to manti for the manti pageant. now, almost five years later (what?!?!) we are living in the manti temple district! who woulda thought? 

anyways, we haven't been back to the pageant since, so we thought we'd take the kids for their first experience. 

ave hadn't taken a nap that day so about five minutes into our drive...she was out like a light! max however, was quite bored:

we decided to try out the annual sanpete turkey dinner at the church (which is beautiful, by the way!) and it ended up being perfect. avery was a grump, so we were able to eat outside on a blanket and one of the volunteers helped us with our things and kept checking up on us with new water. it was great! 

we had quite a bit of time to burn in between dinner & the pageant, so naturally, we went and got a shake (as if we weren't full enough!) i think danny may have wanted to go so he could squeeze in some sports...

finally, at 9:00 the pageant was ready to start! we were slightly disappointed by the teeny tiny blanket section (on a very steep hill!) but we were able to squeeze in. it was a beautiful night and i'm glad that our kids were able to experience the beauty of the manti temple. it is breath-taking!

somehow, we all managed to fall asleep by the end, so the drive home was miserable (and long!!) but sometimes, that's what it takes to make good memories :)

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